Alphington 1 Sidmouth Town 0

Town lost their latest in a long run of away games on possibly the worst prepared pitch in this league. Neither side could reasonably be expected to play football on a pitch that would look out of place in junior African leagues. In a scrappy match chances were at a premium and after Andy Isaacs had gone close in the first half, Town didn’t create much until the hour mark when Sam Banks was adjudged to have impeded the Alphas keeper, with skipper Mike Stamp ready to tap into an empty net. Alphington for their part created a couple of chances that keeper Artur Halka did well to keep out, one of them a 40 yard volley. As has been the story this season, bad luck , bad judgement, and silly mistakes have all cost the Vikings points this season. On this occasion the official deemed the Alphas challenge on Halka to be legitimate and the only goal of the game was awarded. Joe Nield had a couple of chances shortly after joining the action but yet again a loss by a single goal was the outcome.

Paddy Writes: The effort and commitment was there last night for all to see. With their goal usually a foul is given, not always, but if he had given a free kick then I don’t think the hosts would have complained too loudly.


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