Chagford 2 Sidmouth Town 0

Sidmouth came home from there basement battle at Chagford beaten 2-0 in a game they should really have won. With both teams fighting against relegation it was always going to be tight and it was. The Vikings that had looked the best bet to score, but just after 30 minutes it was Chagford that went ahead from a very good finish and despite town creating plenty of chances it stayed 1-0 at the break.

In the second half a change in formation saw Sidmouth totally dominating the play and their hosts were reduced to long hopeful punts out from defence, try as they may the ball wouldn’t find its target and in a rare break the hosts number 8 scored the killer second goal with 2 minutes remaining.

A dejected Nick Ogden writes: everyone is quite down at the moment but we have to buck up quick and work hard to get the points we need. Some of our finishing was horrific and we really should be doing better. I thought we created enough chances to have won 3 games but if you can’t score you won’t win, we now have 4 home games to come and we need to pick up at least 3 wins”. Kieran Small was m.o.m.


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